Nefa Architects completed the design of a futuristic terminal at Kurumoch International Airport in Samara Oblast, Russia. The interiors of the new terminal pay tribute to the era of space exploration.

Kurumoch is the largest airport in the Volga region. Its flights connect to most regions of the Russian Federation, as well as neighboring countries and farther abroad. The architects’ challenge was to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space with a distinct concept for international business-class passengers.

The architects sought to make passengers feel like “a hero in a space-related movie,” they say. The terminal features “a portable smoking cabin with a view of the airfield and futuristic metal tubes.

“The soundtracks of famous movies such as ‘Solaris’ and ‘Star Wars’ are played here. Moreover, if you move closer to the façade glazing, you can hear the sound of boarding aircraft, which enhances the feeling of outer-space reality.”

The space is open, yet divided by height into specific zones including the lounge, media and bar areas. The multi-dimensional lighting features rhythmic circles, glowing walls and designer floor lamps, complementing the general concept.

What do you think about the design of this futuristic airport terminal? [Information provided by Nefa Architects; photography by Ilya Ivanov]