Designed for a couple of entrepreneurs with a fast-pace life, The Aldo House by Prototype Design Lab is an impressive residence located in Southern Ontario, Canada. According to the architects, the project is “broken into three slipping volumes of varying heights and lengths, staggered to respond to site and programmatic conditions. Each one is clad with a different material to hint at its interior function: cumaru wood planks, white quartz and custom, diamond-shaped corten steel panels.” A living moss wall and a bamboo garden is visually pulled into the inner spaces through a wooden deck, thus blurring the indoor-outdoor boundaries.

Probably the most striking feature of the design, a large atrium, runs the full length of the house: “It is through this space that one first enters, via a patterned-brass screen. The focus of the atrium is a suspended, sculptural stair that runs parallel to an interior bamboo garden. The risers are solid walnut wood, and protrude seamlessly from a patterned wall punctured with sculptural, cast-aluminum recesses.” The 20-foot kitchen island is the heart of day-to-day life, providing space for informal gatherings, buffet-style meals, cooking and homework. Colorful and fresh in every way, this house in Canada is an open invite to relaxation and entertainment.