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Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a design visionary. He may be gone, but his architectural and furniture designs live with us. And now there’s a lifestyle brand that transforms his iconic designs into everyday pieces. Here are 14 must-have Frank Lloyd Wright home decor pieces from his new lifestyle collection available on Amazon.

1. Set of 2 Coonley Playhouse DOF Glasses

These colorful glasses feature one of Wright’s most popular designs. All images courtesy of Amazon.

2. Tree of Life Design Doormat

It’s almost a pity to step on the pattern featured on this durable doormat.

3. April Showers Cotton Throw Blanket

The tasseled throw blanket is a perfect addition to a leather lounge chair.

4. Set of 4 Art Glass Design Coasters

These absorbent stone coasters feature stained glass designs.

5. Saguaro Printed Throw Pillow Cover

The graphic pattern on this pillow is contemporary and features the latest on-trend colors.

6. Oak Park Printed Table Runner

Wright spent many years at Oak Park, where he created this pattern.

7. Set of 4 Tree of Life Woven Jacquard Table Placemats

The Tree of Life pattern was mainly used by Wright in stained glass windows.

8. Tree of Life Woven Jacquard Tea Towel

The woven jacquard used for this tea towel adds dimension to the intricate pattern.

9. Martin House Casement Metal Votive

The fine copper lattice allows for the candlelight to play and cast patterns.

10. Lake Geneva Design Architect Gift Magazine Rack

This handsome magazine rack would work well with many home decor styles.

11. Tree of Life Woven Jacquard Pillow Cover

The geometric Tree of Life pattern in grey give this throw pillow a modern look.

12. Set of 4 Water Lilies Woven Jacquard Dinner Napkins

The tranquil Water Lilies pattern was first used on stained glass.

13. Water Lilies Printed Throw Pillow Cover

The blue tones in this neutral pillow are reminiscent of the pond the lilies float in.

14. Set of 3 Playhouse Stained Glass Panels

This decorative stained glass triptych can add life to an ordinary wall or be hung in front of a large window.

15. Set of 4 Oak Park Printed Dinner Napkin

These printed napkins add pattern and texture to a simple table setting.