Firefly II Pendant Light | CB2

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The Firefly II Pendant Light from CB2 ($299) is sure to put a twinkle in your eye — or at least your dinner party. Whether your style is industrial, modern or somewhere in between, this elegant fixture will add an ethereal glow to your home lighting scheme. Have your electrician put it on a dimmer switch for total ambiance control.

The light, made up of nine clear-glass orbs suspended from a nickel-plated canopy, fits nicely in a hallway or above a long desk or dining table. It also is available in a five-globe configuration ($199, shown below), which would be equally chic in a smaller space (dream closet, anyone?); you could even hang a pair to flank a bed or architectural feature.

It’s a steal compared with similar designer pendant lights that cost thousands. Wouldn’t you rather have that cash to spend on more home decor? Thought so.