Architect Tatsuyuki Takagi envisioned Fly Out House, a m odernresidence in the shape of a cantilevered volume in Toyohashi, Japan. The project was especially built for a small family and suspended above the ground in order to provide an optimum level of privacy from the busy street. Opposite to the main road, views of the neighboring residential area are framed through large windows.

The clients’ brief requested a home that would accommodate a large open-plan living space for the family, but also provide parking for the husband’s car collection: “To leave most of the budget for the living area, this project began by proposing a blueprint which will provide enough parking space and create comfortable living by taking an advantage of the less valued sloping land. In this case the client came to us before the purchase, so it became our target to bring the most effective cost between which sort of land to purchase and the design to be built on top“, the architects explained.

In order to reduce noise pollution, a deep balcony (serving as a buffer zone) was imagined between the living area and the street side. A plywood staircase leads the way to the bedrooms, tucked away in the most secluded area of the house. [Photography by Satoshi Asakawa]