Christopher Polly Practice completed the design and development of Unfurled House, a modern family home located in Petersham, Australia. The project retains parts of the original building found on site.

“An articulated two-story framed volume is sensitively stitched to the rear original fabric, while retaining its front Federation masonry and hipped envelope,” the architects said. “The new building has a sectional split-level relationship to the original house that harnesses the fall of the site to the rear, enabling the cellular front plan to vertically and horizontally unfurl into a series of connected interior spaces”.

Organized in an open plan, the kitchen, dining and lounge areas make the most of their bottom floor location. A covered terrace expands this social space outdoors, creating opportunities for family gatherings. “Surrendered floor area enables generously carved voids flanking an upper bridge for diverse views to sky, trees, and outdoor spaces, while encouraging a spatial interplay of public, semi-private and private rooms,” the architects added.

Upstairs you will find an unconventional bedroom, with private reading space. Curving lines, an abundance of wood and unexpected windows at every turn make this family home in Australia particularly appealing. What are the details you personally like best? [Photos and information provided by Christopher Polly Practice]