Simplicity reigns supreme here, in and around this contemporary holiday home in Australia. Fresh studio Will Harkness Architecture imagined a modern abode where family holidays would unravel naturally. Located in Lorne, a quiet seaside town, this holiday home in Australia spreads over 184 square meters and was named after its location: the Lorne Hill House.

Its compact size and shape dressed in dark horizontal siding was imagined as a place where natural light rushes inside to shape the family’s interaction with the spaces. Carefully placed windows commit to not only acting as frames for views or details, but also allowing light to gently caress the interiors.

Photographed by Derek Swalwell, the family holiday home was built on a modest budget. Contributing to the challenges, the steep site it occupies is actually an asset, considering the views from the property. Overlooking treetops and roof lines all the way to the coast below, the holiday home in Australia was imagined for a recently retired couple and their family. The owners wanted to keep as much as the natural environment as possible, so Will Harkness Architecture intervened with clever solutions. One of these solutions is the car port at one level, another one is the entrance across a bridge. And if you look closely, you will discover the beauty in simple shapes all around the home.

The geometric holiday home displays not only an honest design, but it also shelters a functional, efficient floor plan with lots of ample spaces for the family to get together. And this was the main requirement: a family-friendly holiday home in Australia.