Designed by Stu/D/O Architects for a family of four, the Joly House in Bangkok, Thailand is a three-level building with a total footprint of 250 square meters. The residence stands out from far away in its dense neighborhood, due to the wood louver panels combined with exposed concrete and its total height of eleven meters. A swimming pool on the second level completes the image of a contemporary luxurious home. With its transparent glass bottom, it allows natural light inside the parking spaces and the main entrance on the first level.

According to the architects, “the retractable wood louvers on the third floor are designed using the analysis of the wind walls and shading device diagrams and can be adjusted for variations in the incident angle of sunlight. Combined with the wood louvers on the third floor, the glass louvers on the second level surrounding the swimming pool courtyard help create an ambiance of privacy for this corner house.” The interiors are spacious and airy, with some of the social zones connected to green courtyards. Have a look and tell us what you think! [Photos by: Krisada Boonchaleow, Chanin Limapornvanich and courtesy of Stu/D/O Architects]