Extravagant fabric design can stop you in your way. Whether it decorates a window you walk by or you simply see a photo of this modern fabric, the Eprisma extravagant fabric by Création Baumann looks and feels like a piece of art. Imagine a dull space being adorned with this magical-looking modern fabric and you will understand its power to inspire and amaze.

Eprisma’s sophistication resides in the material’s capacity to bounce light of its texture. More a sculpture then a functional decor item, the Eprisma curtain is available in three colors: white, bronze or black. Made out of 100% Polyester, the sleek 3D fabric is made of geometric sequins that shape an unforgettable design. The semi-transparent curtain fabric will definitely become the focal point in any room.

According to its designer, “an abundance of gleaming pyramid like triangles in sequin foil compete to outdo each other at the window. The curtain “Eprisma” from the Spring Collection 2015 by Création Baumann transmutes into a striking sculptureThe glistening triangles are appliquéd on the semi-transparent fabric adjacent to each other, in a closely packed strict geometric arrangement. The three-dimensional foil has been moulded and top stitched – an elaborate process. The result is something to behold. The three dimensionality generates depth, the multifaceted light display changes with the angle of incoming sun light.”

This sculptural textile is a semi-transparent three-dimensional fabric reminding us of these innovative wooden textiles from designer Elisa Strozyk. Where do you imagine these two fantastic products displayed your own home?