A bold architecture intervention behind one of New York’s most impressive cast-iron facades resulted in a creative addition. WORKac came up with an ingenious approach to partially hide the new extension from street view, as requested by local regulations. Named “The Stealth Building”, the project successfully blends modern architecture with historic preservation.

During the intervention, the 1857 façade was restored. “The new charcoal color chosen by WORKac references the building’s history of being painted in dark contrast with its lighter neighbors,” the architects explained. “As all of the building’s Corinthean column capitols had been lost to history, we collaborated with the artist Michael Hansmeyer to create new versions.”

The new penthouse located on the 5th and 6th floor of the building comes with a secluded terrace overlooking the Woolworth Building. One of the brilliant ideas of the renovation was to transform the old elevator bulkhead into a hot tub. This outdoor terrace links to the living area inside.

A rear mezzanine offers space for storage or a home office; it is from here that the inhabitants can enjoy views toward downtown and the Freedom Tower. The interior design is minimalist and contemporary, with nature-inspired elements bringing a fresh feel. [Information provided by WORKac; photography by Bruce Damonte]