Using empty frames is a new trend that works well in a variety of home styles. They can create a stark geometry in a space that goes well with modern styles, for example. The empty frame is an unconventional way to use a standard household item, resulting in an eye-grabbing addition to your decor. And by working with a whole collage of them, you can create a fun focal point design.

So read on below to learn how to work with this fun, modern trend. From creative color choices to unique frame placements, this is an interesting and easy way to add some style to your space.

The mantel is a natural place to put empty frames. Image: Quayside/Shutterstock

Create an empty frame mantel collage

Mantels already serve as a focal point in many rooms. A good way to capitalize on that focal space is to add a fun empty frame collage. You can see in the photo above how easy it is to create one of these. All you need are some frames. They can all be the same color for a cleaner appearance, like in the photo above.

Another idea is to focus on contrast in the shape, color and style of the frames. Or you can add one differently colored frame for contrast. To add color, one frame could even still have some art in it. You could then overlap them, which would create some bold geometry in the space.

Staircases usually have plenty of empty wall space, making them a good place for a frame collage. Image: PavelShynkarou/Shutterstock

Make a staircase empty frame display

A great place to hang an empty frame collage is on the wall along a staircase. You can find any old frames for this idea and then remove any photos and glass inside them.

You can see in the photo above how, once again, the name of the game is contrast. The style gets its appeal by focusing on different sizes of frames. You could also place smaller frames inside larger ones to play with the geometry. Different styles in the frames, from distressed to metallic, could also help add visual interest to the display. You could play with different widths of frames to add further contrast. Also, feel free to play with different frame colors.

Large frames allow you to work with fewer pieces, but still get that impact. Image: PavelShynkarou/Shutterstock

Go for a large empty frame design

Another idea is to find just a couple of larger frames and place them on the wall. You can see how well the style works in the photo above. Again, you’ll want to focus on contrast. The bright orange and blue have some strong visual interest.

The photo above also shows how well these can go next to other elements in the room, like the branches sticking out of the vase. One of the vases does a good job of reflecting the blue shade in the frame on the right. The orange frame also has a shade reflected in the pillow, so both frames match the space well.

An empty frame collage makes a good focal point design above a bed. Image: PlusONE/Shutterstock

Use empty frames in the bedroom

This style works in every room. In the photo above, you can see how the style works when placed above a bed. Frames can easily hang right above the bed, making use of another key focal area in a room. You could even combine empty frames with framed art for some attractive contrast.

This photo also shows how well the empty frame trend can work with a more rustic style. The distressed frames go well with the distressed side table. And those distressed pieces fit in with the rustic elements in the room, like the plants and textured wall.

Paint the frames for your own customized style. Image: Banana Republic Images/Shutterstock

Get creative with color

You can also work with colors by painting your frames yourself. And you don’t always have to go for complete contrast. Some gold and silver paint on some empty frames can make a cohesive, attractive metallic design, which you can see a representation of in the photo above.

By finding frames with different shapes and textures, you can create the contrast that makes this style so eye-grabbing. And if you want to go for a higher-contrast style, you could, of course, make the frames all different colors. You can go for anything from multicolor to different shades of blue with this style. It’s a fun trend where you can get creative.

Layered frames are a creative style and an attention grabber. Image: Westend61/Getty Images

Layer the frames

Another neat idea for empty frames is to layer them inside each other. You can see how the concept works in the photo above. It creates a geometric effect that really draws the eye.

This idea would fit well on just about any wall. But it would really work well in styles with tons of geometry, artsy high-contrast styles or rustic styles if you use distressed frames.

To make this work, you’ll want to focus on different colors and textures for the frames. This idea is all about high contrast. However, try to choose frames with a similar style, such as the distressed frames in the photo above.