LEVENBETTS completed the design and development of The Princeton House, a modern residence located on a thin plot of land 10 minutes away from Princeton University, New Jersey, United States. According to the architects, “the site is punctuated by the 100 foot tall trees in a grid that is consistent running north-south across the site and shifting in the east-west direction. The house is organized around a central garden courtyard”. Clad in a vertically oriented corrugated metal siding, the exterior of the 232 square-meter residence appears white against its vivid surroundings and it changes color as the sun moves throughout the day.

Several stages prepared the present-day appearance and layout of The Princeton House: “The building was originally designed to lift and twist off the ground with a void in the middle. After a reduction in budget, the residence was re-planned using the exact same organizational diagram;  now the house sits on the ground and the hovering void in the middle of the house is an interior courtyard garden.” All windows were placed in key positions to provide ample perspectives of the neighboring landscape. In addition, these windows, along with the open courtyard, allow for cross ventilation to occur throughout the house. [Photography by Naho Kubota]