Andy Martin Architecture completed the redesign of this Edwardian home in West London. The architects preserved the grandeur of the original building and added a modern extension.

“It was decided to divide the house in two, with the private areas confined to the original upper levels and the public areas to the new rear addition. It was important that two areas were clearly separated and could be seen when entering the house,” the architects said.

“The contemporary addition is both spatially and materially very different,” the architects said. “This new space opens freely to the views — in this case, an enormous English garden. The rear addition was broken down into repetitive vertical fragments to keep it visually light, much like an elegant shed constructed of large Douglas fir sections.”

A white staircase spirals from the living room to the second floor; a more traditional stairway leads to the third floor. Striking pendant lights suspended from the ceiling reduce the scale of the social area. Despite the modern design, most of the interiors retain the building’s original character. [Photos courtesy of Andy Martin Architecture]