This unconventional building was designed by Bas Termeer in collaboration with Diederendirrix Architects. The project is part of a larger initiative that aims to improve the image of Woensel-West, a neighborhood in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Housing association Trudo proposed a large-scale plan to build iconic buildings in 16 locations in the area, each placed on top of similar plinths.

“The site was an open gap next to a recently completed residential block,” the architects at Bas Termeer said. “This location marks the entrance of Baekelandplein, Eindhoven’s red-light district square.

“The plinth, a heavy and dark volume, functions as a pedestal for the superstructure and adds commercial space to the neighborhood. On top of the plinth there is a bright red volume containing two short-stay hotel rooms.”

“Over the red volume there is a steel structure wrapped in a decorated mesh, like a giant fishnet stocking,” the architects added. “The housing block’s façade together with the lace façade form a vertical space linked by a staircase.”

The highlight of the building is a roof terrace on top of the plinth, which opens up to unexpected urban views. [Information provided by Bas Termeer Architect; photography by Martijn Koch]