Spreading over 233 square meters, the surprising Nozomi Sushi Bar in Valencia, Spain, was imagined by Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio as a place where tradition and modernity clash in a fusion of colors, patterns, shapes and aromas. The founders of this inspiring project, José Miguel Herrera and Nuria Morell, are both fascinated with Japanese culture and love authentic traditional sushi so much, they named their restaurant Nozomi, meaning “Japanese high speed bullet train“.

Working on branding and interior design for the new sushi restaurant in Valencia meant taking into account aspects of the complex Japanese culture. Masquespacio told us that “during the whole 2014 we’ve been studying Japanese culture and the origen of sushi. As a result we created Nozomi Sushi Bar, inspired by both traditional and contemporary Japan, reinterpreting a Japanese village street, origami and the authentic mobile sushi stall; represented in this project continuously as a duality between ´Emotional classic’ and ‘Rational contemporary’.” This duality can be seen in the logo and brand identity, while the space oozes a combination of concrete and wood. “On one hand being ‘Rational contemporary’ through the pure state of concrete and grays, mainly present in the most structural parts such as walls, ceilings and floors. On the other hand the ‘Emotional classic’ aspect makes its introduction thanks to the carpentry, its hand finishes and the warmth of natural wood.”

We received this creative project by email and were surprised to see how it all came together. From photographs by David Rodríguez and Carlos Huecas of Cualiti Photo Studio we gather that the space flows naturally from one into another.

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