Planning and implementing your own swimming pool sounded like the perfect challenge for experimental architect Stefan Beese, who converted a dumpster into a cool family entertaining area. The Pool Box is made from a Dumpster Dive De Luxe and it goes really well in the designer’s backyard. The functionality of containers was not a new thing for Beese when he started the project; in 2008, he also envisioned a Grand Stand and a VIP lounge for a music and arts festival, employing metal shipping containers.

The first step in giving this new swimming pool a sleek appearance was to to protect the cleaned steel box with anti-corrosion paint. A layer of limestone was applied below, to keep the ground underneath safe from any type of chemical pollution. Adding half-inch high-density foam insulation for toe-padding and a custom-fit flexible pool liner were the finishing touches for the interior of the swimming pool. “I wanted it to be a contemporary modern component in the garden,” Beese said of the design. “I liked the concept of how a dumpster could be hidden. I like the idea that people would ask, ‘Is that fiberglass? What is that?’ I like the surprise.” Wooden walls and decks from pressure-treated pine boards encase the pool, creating a design that blends in with its surroundings.