Design firm Patsios recently updated Cave Suite, a spectacular boutique hotel on Santorini Island in Greece, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Its reconstruction is part of a larger project initiated by Captain’s Houses chain: “The interior design aims to create a sense of comfort and relaxation as well as a subtle feeling of luxury giving out hints of the recognizable elegant style of the rest hotel’s suite. Work has been done, so that this new space brings out the simplicity and clarity of local architectural characteristics, while integrating contemporary elements of design, based on the same two principles, simplicity and clarity”, the developers explained.

White is chosen as the single and dominant color, allowing the greatest possible diffusion of physical light, while bringing out the distinctive traditional morphology and shapes of the cave house shell: “White plaster of the interior shell, built-in furniture, white deck flooring and cement screed, all work together to form a minimal and abstractive entirety. Artificial lighting is designed as integrated as possible to the building elements, complementing the lack of natural light due to the cave-house structure.” Additional furniture and objects of design were chosen quite carefully. Some of those are two old wooden chests used as coffee and TV table, some black metal chairs that refer to the hotels antique metal furniture, handmade metal lights and some pottery created by a famous Greek artist. [Information provided by Patsios; Photography by Paterakis Vangelis]