Located in Gothenburg’s city center, in a colorful and vibrant neighborhood, this small Scandinavian apartment is a place worthy of being called a home. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem, the rejuvenating crib has a total surface of 36 square meters and accommodates 1,5 rooms plus kitchen. Its clever layout meets the expectations of modern city living, as you can see in the photos below. The living room is exceptionally bright and airy due to the  large windows in the north, which allow the inhabitants to contemplate the beautiful rooftops of Sweden. Exposed wooden beams on a white background set the tone for a stylish black&white color palette, subtly present throughout the apartment.

The kitchen is tasteful and timeless with beautiful doors made of oak and mechanical equipment in stainless steel. Everything is nicely lit by down-lights, for a cozy cooking ambiance. The kitchen’s design and the open plan offer good work areas, as well as a social interaction with the living room. One of the highlights of the apartment is a charming sleeping alcove, with a friendly window near-by. This makes for a great place to sleep and observe the surroundings. We truly appreciate the design ingenuity exhibited by this small Scandinavian home. How does it look from your end?