The Atlas Table by Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen Molloy from The Fundamental Group caught our attention due to its look and design ingenuity. According to the project developers, the unconventional unit pays tribute to the mountains bordering the Sahara, the geographical features on the surface of the planet and the famous titan who bears the Earth globe on his shoulders.

Despite its powerful concept, the Atlas table inspires a laid-back state, which one may mistake for playfulness. It seems to provoke you to have a seat and move one of its pieces.

Driven by a fascination for form and repetition, the designers created a sculptural furniture piece, one that provokes visually, no matter what the standpoint: “It’s kind of a heroic piece, there’s a lot of labor involved, and it’s real old fashioned craftsmanship. To create the dining table we took a cube of oak and rotated it by 45 degrees on two of its axis and planed off the pointy surface. When these cubes are arranged as a surface, they reveal a language of large and small triangles, but as you look around the edge of the cube you see the chunky wooden cubes that create the triangles”, the project developers explained.