A 1970s house in Mexico City was converted by EZEQUIELFARCA architecture & design into a contemporary family home with a bold look. The Barrancas House was planned using expectation, surprise and attention to details as the three main coordinates: “We took advantage of the location of the house that has views towards the woods so we installed floor to ceiling windows so that natural elements from the exterior such as natural light, views to the woods become part of the interior without compromising the comfort and intimacy of the inhabitants”, explained the project developers.

Integrating the exterior with the interior was achieved by using materials such as marble, stone, wood, together with neutral tones. The tour of the residence is filled with unexpected treats: “Discovering the house through the hallways, leads to multi-functional unpredictable spaces achieved through movable screen walls , hidden doors, bay windows that open entirely, furniture designed especially for each space, automatic lightening system, for each need of the inhabitants.” Sustainable elements of the residence include green roof, green walls, an automatized water saving system, as well as a solar energy system. [Photography: Jaime Navarro, Roland Halbe]