MODERNest and Kyra Clarkson Architect have designed a home showcasing a dark wood facade beautifully contrasting neighboring homes. Windows shape an idea of the interiors and illuminate surroundings at night as if the house were a lighthouse. Built in the West Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, the dark modern home is topped off with a green roof and deck. This allows owners to enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the city’s skyline in a fresh, open environment.

Spreading over 1,250 square feet, plus an additional 600 square feet below grade, the home known as House 3 offers bright living and cooking spaces alongside two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Photographed by Steven Evans, the dark modern home in Toronto displays its attractive architecture on a tree-lined street. Opening to a fenced courtyard, the home is privacy-protected and invites to spending quality time with friends and family. Inside, a bright white collection of rooms contrast the dark appearance presented by the facade. With the help of carefully placed windows and large skylights, the interiors were brightly illuminated with the maximum amount of natural light possible.

Working with Elise Shelley Landscape Architect to create a pleasant outdoor environment that would create a powerful bond between inside and outside, architects constructed an elegant overall appeal.