Who here dreams about the perfect kitchen workbench every time you turn around and spill something or can’t find a place to store all the containers needed for your recipe?

Anyone who cooks had this problem at one time or another and modern design has a solution for all cooks and food lovers out there. A small kitchen feels bigger until you start cooking. Then all the nooks and crannies become temporary storage. A chopping board with containers attached sound like an amazing idea right about now. But how about the perfect cutting board?

We got an email from Johannes Schreiter with this incredibly functional piece of kitchen furniture, the innovative Frankfurter Brett kitchen workbench made in Germany. And this Kickstarter project is worth taken a closer look at.

Brothers Johannes Schreiter and Joseph Schreiter worked for three years to come up with a solution for crowded kitchen space and ended up creating a versatile, mobile and modern kitchen workbench. If you find yourself “annoyed by messy and dirty cutting boards and cluttered worktops“, then the Frankfurter Brett kitchen workbench has what it takes to organize your cooking. With an effective, patented bracket system that ensures a smooth workflow, the kitchen workbench supports these containers that slide in and out to make cooking fast and easy. You can use one container for waste, one for chopped food and the third can be used for tools.

With integrated extensible brackets on three sides, this modern kitchen workbench was imagined with the Gastronorm in mind, the international container standard for professional kitchens. These brackets can be pulled out to take up various-sized containers.

This multi purpose kitchen workbench made out of light bamboo is built for doublesided use. This makes it easy to take it outdoors to cook for a barbecue with friends or have it handy for picnics.  “It redefines the cutting board and transforms it into a powerful tool. Through extensible brackets different sized containers can be attached directly to the cutting surface, food can now be simply shifted off the board into the containers.”

There are three sizes available: Mono, Mini and Phoenix. But keep in mind that “If you are not worryingly fanatic about cooking, then the PHOENIX is just oversized for you. Seriously.”

The Mono version is the original one, a sleek, mobile and multipurpose kitchen aid that adapts to any cooking situation. The Mini version is more compact thus proving highly efficient for small kitchens. The Mini Frankfurter Brett is useful for bartenders as it uses smaller container sizes and can be easily carried around and stored.

Find out even more cool stuff about the Frankfurter Brett on Kickstarter and support an idea that helps organize and speed up your cooking process. “It smoothly integrates into existing working routines and accomplishes them with the clever bracket-system.” We’ve been waiting for something like this for a while without even knowing. That’s innovation.