Imagined as a place where the family gets together, this custom single-family residence presents a volumetric, sleek architecture dressed in a dark skin. With windows dotting the facade, the modern family home attracts plenty of natural light inside. Clerestory windows help illuminate interiors without overriding privacy boundaries.

Designed by architecture studio Capsule, the Madison Park Residence can be found in Seattle, Wash.

A spacious great room where family members come together reigns in the floor plan. This large central space was designed so that the owner’s extended family could gather to cook, read, hang out, eat and enjoy each other’s company. The room spreads over more than 900 square feet.

This overlapping of spaces that have only one basic function is done with elegance. Each one flows into the next, transforming actions and movement; social interactions are all connected through design. We have only one question: With those high ceilings and tall windows, how does the family clean the windows?

Photographs by Sozinho Imagery show the many striking features of the custom single-family home, set on a corner lot. Note how the strategic placement of the windows allows for privacy. The home is reminiscent of this modern Brazilian home taking an elegant approach to design.

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