The Abimis Kitchen by Italian company Prisma was especially developed for passionate gourmet cooks who want a home kitchen like those of the great chefs. Abimis is the result of a complete redesign of the kitchen environment, which is always centered on the most important figure – the chef – so that every movement is smooth and logical. Conserving, preparing, cooking, presenting and washing: these are the five phases in which every chef operates. Each phase is a sequence of careful and precise movements that, if properly organized, can become quick and easy, leaving greater freedom for expression and creativity.

Here is more from the official press release provided by the designers: “Prisma understands exactly how these phases fit together, and has used its thirty years of experience to create Abimis, a new concept in kitchen that makes the efficiency and functional quality of a professional kitchen available to the home chef. The Ego kitchens are made entirely from stainless steel, completely join-free and amazingly impact resistant. The stainless steel surface is orbitally polished to make scratches and marks difficult to see and to give the kitchen a warmer and softer look.” [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Prisma]