The driving concept behind the Balancing Home, a project of Luigi Rosselli Architects, is simple: Infusing the comforting collective memory of tradition with a modern understanding. Part of a growing suburb on Sydney’s North Shore, the Balancing Home Creates an equilibrium between traditional architectural styles and contemporary sensibilities by using bold finishing features and details deferential to tradition. This gives a timeless look to an otherwise potentially sterilized style.

The house is oriented along the cardinal points, with the master bedroom and the front door facing east towards the rising sun and a distant ocean view. Vaulted cathedral ceilings and polished concrete floors provide a balance between traditional style and modern materials.

The white and crimson colors of the home were chosen in homage to tinder and clay earth, evoking traditional building materials. The house needs no artificial air conditioning; the home stays cool from cross ventilation and a large air space, allowing circulation during hot Sydney summers.

The house metaphorically balances tradition and modernity, but the name is also literal: the second floor bedrooms appear to balance gently over the pool, the reflection of the white upper floors mirroring the structure perfectly. As Luigi Rosselli Architects claims, the cure for bland architecture is balance.