Thread is a visually stunning cultural center in the Tambacounda region of Senegal.  Toshiko Mori Architects’ design for the space includes two artist residences and ample indoor and outdoor areas for the community.

Activity flows seamlessly between the structure and its surroundings.  So, it welcomes community residents to explore the artwork inside and encourages the artists in residence to embrace rural Senegal.

The design team used natural materials and shapes to further connect the community center to its location.   In addition, they worked with masons and villagers in the area to construct the building and roof.  The team used local materials and building techniques.  The thatched roof, however, looks uniquely modern with its wave shape.

It bends into two circular openings that draw light into the center’s courtyards.  This design creates a natural focus in the space, allowing the community to gather around and celebrate important people and moments.  The roof’s slope also pulls rainwater down into two covered water reservoirs.  Innovating to preserve water is a tremendous benefit in this arid part of the world.  (Photography and information courtesy of Thread’s website and Architizer)