PYO Architects converted an old stone farmhouse (comprising a main house and stable) into a contemporary family home, Casa TMOLO, in Parres, Asturias, Spain. Because of the decaying state of the house, a new facade was built using white concrete and local stone.

“The main house was in very bad condition and overgrown with vegetation, and numerous repairs had to be made to make it livable,” the project developers said. “The stone and timber structure of the stable was significantly deteriorated, and most of the walls had to be replaced.”

The stable accommodates bedrooms on the upper level and a lounge space below. In the main house, four diamond-shaped elements divide and organize the space in the triple-height living room. The living space totals 4,456 square feet.

“In harmony with the slope of the terrain, the layout of the ground floor provides a sequence of connected spaces avoiding conventional interior partitions,” the architects said.

A metal staircase leads to the bedrooms above, which offer extensive views of the valley. [Information provided by PYO Architects; photography by Miguel de Guzman/Imagen Subliminal]