An old school building in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was recently converted into a series of private homes. This particular apartment, designed by Standard Studio, addresses the contemporary needs of a family of five. “The teacher’s lounge was remodeled into the bedrooms and the classroom into the living space,” the designers explained.

One of the main goals of the conversion was to create an open-plan social space for the family to gather. At the same time, privacy had to be maintained. The kitchen, living room, dining room, work space and play area for the children were all combined in a generously-sized first level, designed for interaction.

Storage is of essence when designing for a family with three young children, so “play stations” were created under the staircases to work both as designated play areas as well as an out-of-the-way place to store their many toys.

Large windows allow ample natural light inside and enhance the feeling of space. “Concrete floors and steel staircases kept the characteristics of the school but when combined with plywood, it resulted in a bright and warm interior,” the designers added. [Photographs courtesy of Standard Studio]

What is your favorite part of this classroom conversion into a creative family home?