Kki Sweets sells handcrafted, Japanese-inspired French mousse cakes; the Little Dröm Store offers art and design-driven knick-knacks. And they share a space at the School of the Arts (SOTA) building in Singapore.

The creative team at PRODUCE WORKSHOP was challenged with a design brief requesting that the two brands share a storefront yet retain their distinctive identities, all within the architectural context of the building.

The shops were conceived as separate and independent entities. They are separated by an internal “street” leading in from the main door, with their frontage and signage facing each other. This street-like space extends into Kki Sweets, meandering between the volumes.

The primary materials used were maple-veneered plywood for the volumes and solid pine strips for the trellis. They were selected for their light color so that the structure would act as a blank canvas, which the two shops would then fill with their products.

The light wood also contrasts with the darker colors of the SOTA building atrium. Despite the visual lightness the wood volumes convey, there are actually hollow steel sections within. Supports are disguised as table legs and door frames to achieve a “lifted” effect. [Photos and information provided by PRODUCE WORKSHOP]