Colorful and inviting, Casa Chinkara is a modern architecture project envisioned by SOLISCOLOMER and located in a lush forest environment near Guatemala City, Guatemala. The building is associated by the architects with “a rock embedded in the landscape, an ethereal element that follows the order of the contour lines of the terrain. This rocky volume has been sculpted in such a way that it allows for light to come in through a skylight and for the different spaces in the inside to flow right out into the natural landscape.” An impressive art gallery is the highlight of the house, imagined as an intimate space for contemplation.

A powerful indoor-outdoor connection was achieved throughout: “Except for the art gallery each one of the rooms in the house is contained in a defined volume that opens towards the exterior integrating the richness of the natural life with the experiences contained inside the house. Huge glass windows with bright red frames are embedded into the volumes that make up the building denoting the intention of framing the landscape from the inside.” Enjoy the visual richness offered by this project and let us know what you think! [Photos by Marko Bradich]