This contemporary home in Bangkok was recently completed by Ayutt and Associates Design. The lakeside house surrounds a courtyard, typical in Thai architecture — but that’s about the only element that’s traditional.

As a result, the courtyard “becomes a tool to create space hierarchy,” the architects said. Each interior was planned in relationship to the natural elements of the environment.

Featuring a highly modern design, the exterior combines glass, zinc, wood and steel finishes. The modern theme continues inside, with an interior design scheme more typical of a home you might find in the U.S. or Europe.

The first floor hosts a parking area with room for up to six cars. The living area and kitchen form an L-shaped interior that surrounds the swimming pool. A study, gym, maids’ quarters and two bedrooms are also located here.

Glass walls open from the carport to the indoors. The upper level, accessed by a floating wood staircase mounted on a concrete wall, offers more privacy and accommodates five bedrooms. [Photography by Soopakorn Srisakul]