As we are reminded almost daily, technology and innovation can simplify our lives in ways we never imagined. In just one example, the Coolbox — “the toolbox of the future” — incorporates storage capacity, tools and technology into one versatile toolbox.

Simple solutions are always the hardest to find, but, as the company says, “having the right tools in an organized and versatile storage solution is the key to getting any job done.” According to the website, “The Coolbox features all of the classic storage and compartments you would want but with a modern twist to keep up with the times.”

Imagine a modern toolbox with Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, dual handles, a whiteboard, wheels, a retractable power cord, an internal rechargeable battery, USB charger, tablet stand and even a three-way power splitter.

The Coolbox’s goodies include a hammer, screwdriver set, hex key set, three-piece plier set, tape measure, level and utility knife. Check out the innovative toolbox company’s funding page to see how the idea progressed through various versions before ending up in its current iteration.

Shipping to the U.S. and Canada this fall, this innovative toolbox was built for harsh work environments and comes with waterproof electronic components. The team ensures us that “being caught out in the rain or having to hose down the Coolbox won’t be an issue.”

After extensively testing the prototypes, the team of industry experts soon will be ready to ship these advanced toolboxes to hands and minds that need modern functions to simplify their work. Able to withhold a maximum load of 65 pounds, the versatile Coolbox is available for presale in red and black for $199. Extra batteries are $59.

The Los Angeles-based company presents the Coolbox as “a complete reinvention of the toolbox, with unique features, functions and technology.” If you are one of the first people to get one, we would love to know what you think about this innovative toolbox design. We curiously look forward to this “toolbox of the future.”