Asdfg Architekten’s Miller’s House project inlays a contemporary design within historic architecture in Berlin’s hip Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood.  The 170-year-old structure needed major updates.  The result, however, is a unique home firmly rooted in the city’s history.

The design team worked to restore the beautiful light stone exterior of this home based on a drawing from 1844 and kept a single original interior wall.  Otherwise, they opened up the space in line with contemporary design ideals.

Light clean lines weave in and out of the historic brick interior wall.  A modern staircase slips through an opening and runs along the brick to an upstairs loft space.  Underneath, the large kitchen sits tucked into the wall.  Turning to the left, the space has an airy dining area and lofted work space under elevated ceilings.  On the right, a black leather chair an eye-catching artwork create a chic sitting area.

Staircases connecting other areas of the home create a built-in open storage system that match shelves in the work space. [Photography by Michael Pfisterer]