Architects Marc Fornes & Theverymany completed the design of MaHouse, a contemporary single-family home in Strasbourg, France. The modern building features three stacked, irregularly shaped volumes, which decrease in size from bottom to top.

This creative approach allows the inhabitants to maximize their living space in a neighborhood with strict building requirements. Each white “box,” only partially separated from the rest of the house, features a green roof. These outdoor spaces are great playgrounds for the kids. A swimming pool also adds to the appeal.

Based on a simple color palette of white and wood accents, the interiors are minimalist, yet homey. Floor-to-ceiling windows on every level allow natural light to flow freely indoors. The asymmetric, angular lines throughout the house ensure a playful and dynamic feel.

“A staircase lined by glass profiles slips through the house’s three levels, providing a continuous spatial experience and light without direct views inside,” the architects said.

The ground floor houses the family’s living spaces, the parents’ penthouse is on the top floor, and the children’s area is in the middle. What do you think of this contemporary home in France? [Photography by Brice Pelleschi]