Designed by architect Irene Escobar Doren , the Cube House in O’Higgins Region, Chile is a contemporary addition to a small village of fishermen. The first step in building the residence was to “raise the house on piles, condensing the structure in two levels and a terrace on the roof; and solving the interior space in a compact volume whose dimensions were determined by the optimization of the chosen building material.” The cube-like volume has a black exterior in order to save heat during night time, when the temperature drops and the wind intensifies.

The architects’ approach integrates the landscape in every interior of the house: “This decision orients the volume towards the sea and concentrates all the common areas on one limitless space that permits landscape trespassing. All private spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms are disposed on top of this collective use zone, each one facing the beach, the brook or the hill. The third level is a scenic lookout terrace to the village, the sand dunes, the hills, the wind and the sea.” Wood is employed extensively, for a chalet-like rustic feel and welcoming vibes.  [Photography by Cristián Domínguez]