The Single Family House project by Christian von Düring architecte sought to concentrate a large family living program within a small plot of land in Tannay, Switzerland: “The solution proposes two volumes on the ground floor, respectively a garage to the north and the living area to the south, connected above by a volume containing the bedrooms. In addition to the terrace to the south, the area resulting from the bridging of these two volumes offers a generous covered entry suitable for various activities.” A visual contrast between the ground floor masonry volumes and the cantilevered wooden structure above is achieved, making the building easily noticeable in its surroundings.

Here is an excerpt from the virtual tour, as presented by the architects: “Once inside, one is immediately faced with an open suspended staircase connecting to the above volume, through which one perceives a large room open onto the garden containing a kitchen with its large dining table and a spacious living room. Upstairs, a corridor running along the west facade connects the bedrooms and a central play-room. At each end there is a large bedroom with a balcony open to the outside. One overlooks the south terrace, while the other projects into the forest line bordering the plot.” What are your thoughts on this contemporary home design in Switzerland? [Photos by Thomas Jantscher]