Chiltern Drive House in central Singapore has been imagined by WOW Architects as a home deeply rooted in its environment, tailored to suit the needs of the clients: “The house was constructed as a single monolithic concrete structure. The woven steel reinforcement and raw timber formwork into which the concrete was cast, have imprinted the process of building into its surfaces, with rugged lines in the concrete and hints of steel reinforcement in the walls and ledges”, explained the architects. With plenty of spaces designed for outdoor relaxation, the family members can enjoy spending time together in a carefree natural environment.

A striking layout was achieved by the architects: “The house is articulated around a square geometry in plan, but the spatial arrangement is a complex interplay of large and deep spaces that stretch across the length of the house in various directions. These elongated rooms draw the eye across them, at times relating to the views of the garden, across extended windows that skirt the skyline and horizon or to focus the exaggerated perspectives on select elements within a room.” The social core of the residence is an open-plan living and dining area, flanked by the swimming pool and garden. [Photography by Aaron Pocock]