Located in the old town of Blanes, Girona, Spain, this compact home’s design absorbs your attention with an arresting color contrast and sleek, modern design lines. Architects of Jordi Queralt collaborated with La Boqueria to erect this eye-catching structure under the Spanish sun. This curious structure is, in fact, a cozy home known as House Ca’s Bouer.

Functional and displaying a casual design, the floor-plan was distinctively separated into social and private areas. This compact home’s ground floor shelters the garage, a small working area and storage space and it makes a direct connection to the street. With the sleeping area on the second floor, the compact home shows off its intelligent design unified by an interior staircase, as well as an exterior one.

Up on the third and fourth level, the social area gathers views of the surroundings (otherwise not possible to obtain) while flooding this daily used space with natural light. This inverted floor-plan helps the home offer the best lifestyle possibilities it can for the family inhabiting this compact home. Check out these 10 things I wish my Realtor would have told me to not get fooled when buying a new home.

Architects say they imagined the home’s compact size by using a vertical design: “To grow up in height we built a steel structure piercing the existing slabs in order not to damage the existing structure and materializing the new slabs with ceramic filler blocks and concrete pre-manufactured beams. Due to the dimensions of the area (6.45m x 18m); to organize the general distribution we have grouped the service spaces and the vertical flow of the common wall , leaving free space in the facade. The bedrooms arrangement is defined by the inner rhythm of the ceiling (beams and ceramic filler blocks). The common space is defined by three slabs, one single open space looking for a visual relationship in height with the outside and the different areas of the housing. All coming together through the chimney, main element centered in the space.”

Photographs by Eugeni Pons and Núria Ginès showcase how the structure was designed to be not only functional, but also attention-grabbing. Starting from the white facade interrupted by Corten steel slats and going further inside, we find an inspiring home design that uses the given to restore and upgrade the possibilities.