Studio Architects completed the design of T House, a 2,820-square-foot home in Tulum, Mexico, composed of three separate studios. From an aerial view, the studios — named Earth, Wind and Fire — form the letter “T.”

“The client, a fashion designer from New York, wanted an integrated approach to a Caribbean paradise, with many textures and color accents,” the architects said. “The goal was a composition of volumes and shapes, rhythms and textures, catching the guests by surprise at every corner.”

The private backyard features polished cement walls, surrounded by lush vegetation, and a longitudinal swimming pool. The Earth and Wind studios, on the ground floor, have views of the entrance garden and the pool; the Fire studio looks out over the back garden from the second level. Each has a kitchenette and bath.

Enjoy the virtual tour of this simple and elegant home in Mexico, and let us know what design elements catch your eye! [Information provided by Studio Architects; photography by Pablo Garcia Figueroa]