Designed by Philipp Architekten GmbH, Villa Von Stein in situated on a slightly inclined lot in Frankfurt, Germany. The owner’s brief requested a modern home that would ensure a high level of privacy, as well as a good indoor-outdoor connection. As a result, the minimalist building “shows a consequent closed unity towards the street, to which it only opens through the front door and the garage. It therefore protects and shelters the privacy of the owners. On the other hand openness and transparency characterize the building in direction of the garden.” A high-end glass facade measuring 18 meters in length visually connects the living spaces with the courtyard and pool area.

Surprising features await at every step: “Visitors enter the building, which appears as a closed cube on the outside, on the ground floor and immediately sense the stunning architecture which will be revealed to them a few moments later. You are welcomed in a foyer showing a water-atrium, a light channel open to the sky, equipped with a water basin on the ground”. The highlight of the residence is a colorful art graffiti, in a powerful contrast with the simple color palette of the design scheme. Next off, a generously-sized living and dining area unveils panoramic views of the landscape beyond. [Photos by José Campos]