Recently renovated by Egue y Seta Studio, this colorful apartment in Barcelona displays quite a few inspiring design elements. The project, named “Furnished Void” was especially envisioned for a young couple, an industrial designer and a language teacher, and their four-year-old son.

“The time to design toy-proof homes had arrived, and though designing for fellow designers can certainly be tricky, this time, it entailed also a sense of playfulness and lots of fun,” the architects said. You can see the result in the photos below: vibrant interiors, where color reigns.

Egue y Seta casually describes the project as a “a cozy void, functionally resolved to house and give prominence to a small but interesting collection of pieces of furniture, art and literature curated by its young owners.” And what better way to highlight all these special artifacts than having a simple white backdrop?

It is with the help of this white “frame” that the designers managed to create powerful contrasts. These bold impressions make the place feel dynamic and alive. Randomly cast splashes of color deliver visual points of interest for both children and adults. What are your thoughts on this unconventional family apartment in Barcelona? [Photos by: VICUGO FOTO]