The Laiki Lefkothea project is a contemporary residence with original design twists, developed by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio in Limassol, Cyprus. With a bold facade, the new house stands out in a countryside neighborhood, perfectly suited for family living. Natural materials such as wood and stone are showcased both outside and inside, for a calm and pleasant living environment. This is a clear case of “form embraces function”, as many elements used in the construction draw attention mostly due to their aesthetic surprise. A “shell” seems to protect the exterior of the residence; the steel units are also visible inside, creating interesting geometric effects.

As you step inside this modern home in Cyprus, you are greeted by a puzzling mix of textures, organic shapes and a minimalist color palette in white, gray and brown. Artwork is present throughout, adding elegance and dynamics to the interiors. The open-plan social areas are situated on the first level and are linked to the small courtyard. Offering a vantage point for contemplation, the bedrooms are located above, enjoying a high level of natural lighting from the large expanses of glass. Feel free to take the virtual tour and tell us what you think! [Photography courtesy of Tsikkinis Architecture Studio]