This chic, modern apartment located on the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan was tailored to the lifestyle of a young couple working in the product design industry. The idea behind the project was to have a flexible space for living, as well as for the designers to bring their ideas into play.

“The clients often have business trips, so they are quite accustomed to the hotel-style rooms and traffic lines,” the developing team at Ganna Design said. “Therefore, they hoped to have a quiet space back in Taiwan.”

The layout of the initial apartment was significantly improved: “We changed the original four bedrooms to three bedrooms, including two bedrooms and an open working area which can be used as a guest room,” the architects said. “In addition, we exchanged the position of the kitchen with the guest bathroom in order to expand the scale of the common area and to smooth the overall moving lines.”

The hostess likes black, white and grey and wanted to mix these hues creatively inside her home. A lounge chair in bright yellow, orange and red adds a twist to the open plan and monochromaticity of the living room. On top of that, extensive use of wood makes the apartment feel welcoming. An array of display cabinets ensures flexible storage options throughout. Enjoy the virtual gallery and let us know what you think! [Photography and information provided by Ganna Design]