You know how you sometimes stumble upon something you were looking for, but it’s far more amazing than you imagined if would be?

What if you were wondering how to decorate with ceramic tile? Then this highly contemporary tile design will have you wondering about how the world of ceramic tiles will look in a year or two. The remarkable Kin ceramic tile collection was visualized by Madrid-based design studio DSIGNIO for Harmony-Peronda.

When it comes to this nature-inspired ceramic tile, installation requires a great attention to detail. The results, as spectacular as they are, also focus the attention on the science behind the visual appeal. Inspired by mathematics patterns in nature, the Kin ceramic wall covering helps you discover through design that “no form is accidental, no details are left to chance.” In a design landscape that can be recreated in your own living room, imagine these molecular tiles accompanying your lifestyle as your understanding and love for modern design grows. Its designers see the ceramic tile collection as “thousands of small molecules build stunning pieces of engineering: a great architecture that is perpetuated over time.”

We received the news about this beautiful tile collection by email, and wanted to make sure you remember to send us tips about awe-inspiring design. The Kin ceramic wall covering shines under the light as a cell chain that adds depth and dimension to your walls.

That is how KIN is born, from a seemingly improbable approach -converting a pentagon into a hexagon?-, which, however, leads to a perfect game of Geometry. As a chain of cells, the pentagons weave together to form an interesting grid of hexagons that intertwines horizontally and vertically. Through its relief, the different pieces energize the reflection of ceramics, creating sinuous shapes that change due to the motion and incidence of light. It is the only randomness in the constructive accuracy of nature that KIN represents, and what nevertheless gives its spontaneous sparkles of beauty.”

Seeing this home all clad in ceramic tiles makes you wonder what other designs will be available in the near future. Can you imagine a bold architecture clad in something like the Kin ceramic tile?