This remodel of a 1970s Joseph Eichler house in Palo Alto, Calif., completed by San Francisco-based Yamamar Design, displays a modern personality sprinkled with personal touches.

“The project took focus as a result of the collaboration between architect, interior decorator and a supremely passionate owner,” the architects said. “
A former television producer, the owner had recently moved from Toronto with her husband and four small children.

“The owner was willing to embrace bold ideas about color, texture and space. The project shows what can happen when a client is not limited by practical considerations.”

Far from pretentious, this 2,300-square-foot contemporary home displays a warm, open environment throughout. As you enter, you are greeted by an overwhelming feeling of space. The generously sized living room is illuminated by skylights in the ceiling and a glass facade at the rear.

To the left is a minimalist kitchen and dining area. The color palette — subtle additions of magenta, blue and yellow — unfolds gently against a white background. Wooden beams and flooring add to the coziness. What are your thoughts on the unconventional layout of this Eichler house remodel? [Photography: Bruce Damonte]