Architects Supermachine Studio teamed up with one of the largest developers in Thailand to build this unique creation space, located in Bangkok.

Sansiri, a large development company, wanted to create this space in a mall in the center of a large residential neighborhood that they had developed. Their purpose was to create a hub for their “co-working” philosophy; a center space that would allow people to gather while working on their passions. Thus the new Maker’s space, measuring in at 989 square meters, was completed in 2016.

The Space features a pottery and wood studio, a dark room for photography, and an open plan kitchen for large gatherings. There are screening rooms for lectures, spaces for workshops and seminars.

One dramatic fixture of this workshop are the M&E lines, which are bright turquoise and stand out jarringly against the concrete walls. the designers wanted the rooms, despite their different purposes, to have certain elements in common. By emphasizing the aesthetics of the necessary M&E lines instead of hiding them, the designers acknowledged the limitations that come with design.