Nestled in the wilderness oasis of The Netherlands’ 5,900-acre Noorderpark sits a modern take on Henry David Thoreau’s famous cabin at Walden Pond. Designed by Dutch architects cc-studio, this warm, dry escape for the Utrecht park’s volunteers was inspired by one of history’s most revered nature lovers.

The green, aluminum-clad structure is camouflaged within the surrounding forest, available only to those who know where to look for it. With no running water or electricity, the 377-square-foot cabin houses a kitchenette, washroom, storage room, cot for power naps and space to sit and eat.

Built on the footprint of the park’s original rest shelter, Thoreau’s Cabin continues to serve the building’s original purpose while giving it a stylish, modern update. At the heart of the building is the sculptural fireplace, a necessity for the area’s freezing winters. It, along with the kitchenette, is powered by local firewood.

With two large sliding glass doors opening to a small surrounding meadow, the new design allows for a nature-centric and pleasant escape for its users in all seasons. “You can almost picture Thoreau writing Walden here,” cc-studio says of the cabin. [Photography by John Lewis Marshall]