Studio3plus worked with the artistic couple that owns this one-bedroom apartment in Bucharest, Romania to put their stamp on the space.  The couple’s contemporary style is reflected in pieces that are functional and artistic, including a striking wall mural that guides you from the apartment’s entrance to its spacious living space.

The mural is a testament to how much the architect involved the owners.  One of the owners actually created this incredible mural, having a background in graphic design.  According to the architect, they added their signature to the bottom of the wallpaper – the ultimate personal touch.

The main living space mixes natural and industrial pieces.  Wood floors run throughout the living space, with contiguous wooden cabinets in the kitchen.  A custom sculptural metal wine rack sits at the apex of the kitchen and living space next to a gray stone slab on the apartment’s central wall.  These contemporary additions break up the use of wood.

Contrary to the complex design aspects in the living room, the bedroom has a minimalist design with few pieces to distract away from the central purpose of the space.  It creates a thoroughly tranquil environment. [Photography by Cosmin Dragomir and information courtesy of Designist and Contemporist]