08023 Architects completed the design and development of Casa Herrero in Barcelona, Spain. The three-story, 5,300-square-foot modern home has a home-automation system that can be controlled by smartphone.

A straightforward geometry defines the exterior of the residence, a series of white rectangular volumes. The swimming pool extends the theme of the covered veranda; both spaces, also surrounded in white, feature LED lighting that can be changed according to the owners’ preferences.

The bottom floor accommodates two parking spots, a fitness center and a spa area. The social areas on the main level include the kitchen, which is equipped with the latest technology and appliances. The bedrooms on the third floor open to an outdoor terrace.

The master suite includes an elegant spa bath with a terrace that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. A Mediterranean garden with a Japanese Zen ambiance adds to the modern landscaping. [Information provided by 08023 Architects; photography by Simón García Asensio]