Boston, Mass.-based practice Over,Under completed the development of the Troy Boston Model Apartment, a stylish two-bedroom home located in the city’s South End. This contemporary apartment was envisioned by designer Chris Grimley (of the architecture company) for his own growing family.

According to the description of the project, “The existing plan had many awkward corners and sequences that weren’t amenable to additional storage for the family. The design implements a series of perpendicular walls that act as framework to hold various items: cabinets in the bedroom and living room, linen drawers adjacent to the bathroom and an entry nook.” The result is a clutter-free home that exemplifies calmness.

By keeping most of the finish materials neutral, Grimley and his wife, Kelly Smith, achieved a harmonious visual effect throughout. “All surface treatments are white, with occasional black walls that frame programmatic elements — a dining area, children’s storage,” the firm says. “These surfaces serve as a neutral backdrop to the color provided by the family’s burgeoning furniture collection and the occupants themselves.”

The focal point of the apartment is an experimental felt installation, made of multicolored triangular pieces, which divides the children’s bedroom from the living room. [Photography courtesy of Over,Under]